English Language Evenings hosted by Stephen Lapeyrouse

ELE Host

English Language Evenings Moscow (ELE Moscow)

English Language Evenings is an open, independent, public English-language lecture forum in Moscow started in 1998 and now having hosted 230+ meetings of 170+ individual speakers from various countries. Meeting usually twice a month from September to May, ELE hosts (mostly) native English speakers, usually prominent and/or interesting individuals from Moscow's greater English-language and/or foreign-resident community, giving lectures on topics of their own choosing. Among the purposes of ELE is to provide of an intelligent-intellectual evening in Moscow in English, and the promotion of more personal interaction between the various speakers and Russians in Moscow. All visitors, Russians and «expats» are welcome! Lectures are held in the Chekhov Library/Cultural Center. Address: Strastnoi Bulv., 6. Only 100 rubles.

To be on the emailing list and to automatically be notified of upcoming ELE meetings, simply send an e-mail to: EnglishLanguageEveningsMoscow-Subscribe [at] yahoogroups [dot] com


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