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MELTA Storytelling Festival 20.03.2020

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АССОЦИАЦИЯ УЧИТЕЛЕЙ И ПРЕПОДАВАТЕЛЕЙ АНГЛИЙСКОГО ЯЗЫКА МОСКВЫ И ПОДМОСКОВЬЯ ГОСУДАРСТВЕННОЕ БЮДЖЕТНОЕ ОБРАЗОВАТЕЛЬНОЕ УЧРЕЖДЕНИЕ ГОРОДА МОСКВЫ ШКОЛА №1525 ПОЛОЖЕНИЕ О ФЕСТИВАЛЕ УСТНОГО РАССКАЗА НА АНГЛИЙСКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ СРЕДИ УЧАЩИХСЯ 3-8-х КЛАССОВ 2019 – 2020 учебный год   Тема фестиваля: Birds Фестиваль состоится 20 марта 2020 года. Место проведения фестиваля: ГБОУ Школа №1525 Вас встретит Ирина Виталиевна Кархина, Председатель МОУ ин.яз. ГБОУ Школа№1525, тел +7 985-220-15-20 Адрес: Москва, 2-ой Красносельский […]

MELTA 15th Anniversary Celebrated at Gala-Concert May 17, 2019

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Gala Concert and awarding of winners and laureates,  Drama Festival and «Golden Voices» Festival Nominees, devoted to MELTA 15 years anniversary, will be held on 17 May 2019, 15-30, at the Concert Hall of Russian State Children Library Registration begins at 15-00 at the Hall entrance.   The audience is looking forward to your winning presentations and presents are eager to be handed in! […]

MELTA and School «Leaders» 2nd Drama Festival 2019

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                    We are happy to recall the magic event on April, 13 2019 when theatre groups were sharing their creations on the topic «Love can do everything» The Jury board included masters of drama teaching and actors: Anna Marlioni (Theatre "Centre of V.Meiyerhold) and Konstantin Dneprovskiy […]

MELTA Drama Festival 2019 1st Stage Results

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Welcome to excite and entertatin with your art! 1 ОАНО Лидеры (Лингвистический клуб, 0,1,2 классы) New  Jungle Book 2 ОАНО Лидеры 2-3 классы New Mad Hatter Tea Party 3 1563 Love can do everything 4 1359 The three little animals 5 Magic English Club Ice Shard 6 Лицей Домодедово The cat that walked by himself […]

Мастер-класс «Прочти — не пропусти!» 5 апреля 2019

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5 апреля 2019 года учащиеся школ Москвы и Московской области имели возможность посетить мастер-класс на английском языке по успешному выбору книги для чтения в Российской Государственной Детской Библиотеке. Было интересно и познавательно. Ребята много узнали, как правильно выбрать книгу по вкусу, по душе и о влиянии иллюстраций на выбор книги, как о ней рассказать. Каждый почерпнул […]

Must Read Festival 2019 is on the move!

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Dear participants to be, spring has come and it's the best time to choose a new book to read and present in autumn. Welcome to April master-classes! «How to choose the best book» on 05/04/19 at 16:00 — 17:00, Room 305, RS Children's library, Kaluzhskaya sq, 1 (Olga Boltneva and Liudmila Shikova) «How to create an […]

Welcome to MELTA Drama Festival April 13th 2019

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Dear participants, please mark, that due to certain delays in preparation of schoоl theatres the deadline for the event is postponed till April 10th 2019, both for registration and viedo recordings. Music can be sent by April 10 -11th. You are welcomе to participate! Please follow our Regulation in the aspect of the English language author […]

10th MELTA Storytelling Festival 2019 Results

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The 10th MELTA Storytelling Festival 2019 took place at the beautiful venue of school 1525. The participants were greeted by the Head of Foreign languages department Karkhina Irina Vitalievna and accompanied by Kuznetsova Yulia Vladimirovna. The atmosphere was festive and friendly. We congratulate all prize winners and nomination laureates!!! Please, mark in your calendars that Gala […]

MELTA Cross Cultural Connections Conference 2019 Results

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                                            Second CCC Conference «Bridge Russia and the World» has proved high teens' research potencial. The bright presentations illustrated deep insight into very serious cultural comparisons. The Jury Board hopes that all presenters' peers […]

MELTA Conference «Cross Cultural Connections» 2019. First stage results

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Dear researchers and their tutors, You are kindly invited to present your findings at Stage 2 of our Conference «Bridge Russia and the World» on March 15, 2019. Registration starts at 15-00 in Russian State Children's Library near the Concert Hall. Your presentations will be followed by a Round Table discussion «Integrating Indigenous Cultures and […]