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Good-bye 2014 — Welcome 2015! Happy Winter Holidays!

Published on 23.12.2014 By Olga Boltneva

Dear colleagues, let the wise words of this poem give you force, patience and energy to strive on and...win of course! Reach your goals and embody your most extravagant dreams! «Many happy returns Of the days to remember To make up to, to cling, To rejoice, to surrender — To the mercy of time, Days of […]

Happy Birthday, MELTA!

Published on 28.05.2014 By Olga Boltneva

MELTA Born on 28.05.2004 Tercentenary? No! Bicentenary? No! Our child's 10 years of age... Ten laborious winters, Ten miraculous summers Have been there on amateur stage... How was it to start off? In the very beginning, Melting into the river Just a handful of words... Running over the desert Of the great expectations Towards the […]

MELTA Storytelling Festival is to begin on February 15, 2014

Published on 27.01.2014 By Olga Boltneva

Dear Colleagues, You are welcome to register your participation in the exciting tour into the world of Fortune and Fate from January 27 till February 07 2014 meltastory2014 [at] gmail [dot] com MELTA Coordination Council

MELTA Council Board 29 October 2013

Published on 05.11.2013 By Olga Boltneva

On this warm sunny autumn day MELTA Council Board enjoyed the company of Senior EFL Fellow Erik Lundell and new enthusiastic members from Moscow State Regional and Moscow State Universities. As a result the following seminars are planned for the end of 2013: Using the Engage, Study, Activate Format in Designing EFL Lesson Plans Tuesday, […]

MELTA Council Board Meeting 22 and 29 October 2013

Published on 24.10.2013 By Olga Boltneva

  MELTA Council Board has succefully met on October 22 2013 at newspaper English Editorial office  to prolong functions of our current president Prof Viktoriya Oshchepkova and to plan the 10th year jubilee activities, MELTA festivals, and the highlight to be - 3rd MELTA International Conference on Sep 26-27 2014.     On October 29 we are expecting our new […]