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For those who like to teach young learners (TEYL)

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Dear Colleagues, here's a letter from our dearest MELTA Friend Elena Lubnina. Many of you know her ardent desire and unfatiguable work to help EL teaching all over Russia. She wrote it for Thanksgiving, but there's no doubt that any present with love and care can be offered for Christmas time as well. Thank you, […]

Storytelling 2014 3rd Prize winners Alla Savetskaya, Grade 3 and Ekaterina Brusnitsyna, Grade 4

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A LUCKY SNOWMAN Last Christmas the snow was falling on the ground so soft and white. Children made a beautiful snowman. Its eyes were made from black round buttons and its nose was made from a carrot. There was a nice red scarf all around its neck. It was wearing an old grandpa’s hat. At […]

«Blobfish Fairy Tales» by Veronika Kazak

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BLOB FISH FAIRY TALES Once there lived a Blobfish deep in the Atlantic Ocean. She happened to be terribly ugly. In her childhood, nobody wanted to play with her. But her great-aunt Barracuda Agnes used to say:  “It doesn’t matter how you look, if you are honest, clever and you have a kind heart”. The […]

«A Tale Of Two Friends» by Denis Jalan

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A TALE OF TWO FRIENDS Once upon a time, there were two friends. Their names were Alan and Charlie. Charlie had a good fortune and did not have to do much in life to be happy.  Alan did not have too much luck, but he always studied very hard, even at weekends. Charlie was so […]

«My Birthday Wish» by Kamilla Slepneva

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MY BIRTHDAY WISH It was on a nice summer day, on the sixth of June 2013. Our whole family went to our summerhouse in the countryside. The weather was hot as the sun was shining brightly. The birds were singing cheerfully and the butterflies were flying all over our beautiful roses, violets and tulips. That […]