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If you value the teaching profession highly;
if you have something to share not only with students,
but also with colleagues;
if you need professional support;
if constant self-development is not an empty phrase for you ,
this association is for you!


Dear MELTA current and “to be” members, from now on for technical reasons you won’t be able to pay your suggested donations via “The First of September” site. To get your membership number and electronic card please transfer the sum of 1500 rub – new membership and 1000 rub – renovation of membership after one year expiration  from the day of your payment — to Sberbank card #639002389054733217 (Степичев Анатолий Алексеевич), write your full name, patronymic and family name (not just the initials) in the information section of the cheque. After that, please copy the payment slip and email it to Pyotr Stepichev, our vice-president on the email teacherstepichev [at] yandex [dot] ru. You can kindly repeat your name, patronymic and family name to be later correctly printed on the membership card.

In response, within 2-3 days,  you will get your membership number and electronic card, that we ask to print and present at the Festivals your students take part in trough the year. Membership fee helps us organize traditional annual MELTA Festivals in the best possible way and set-up new Contests and Festivals for your students.

Meanwhile, MELTA Coordinational Council emphasizes the voluntary character of your donations, your desire to help MELTA. In case you cannot do it, you don't get your membership, but your contestants are welcome to participate in Festivals and Conferences on equal basis.