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30 American students in one room!

Published on 16.03.2015 By Olga Boltneva

30 Rutgers University Students at AMC Tuesday, March 17th at 6:30p.m. Join us for a fun evening of «speed dating» with American culture — where you will have the chance to meet American students visiting from Rutgers University and chat about American food, music, movies, sports, fun expressions and much more! American Center Moscow Nikoloyamskaya, 1 […]

Final T2T Workshop With Erik Lundell at the AMC

Published on 14.05.2014 By Olga Boltneva

The final T2T workshop will be held on Wednesday, May 21 from 4:30 -6:00.  Erik Lundell will hand out certificates and there will be refreshments in honor of the attendees.Erik will also give an American Studies PPT. The American Southwest In a PowerPoint presentation Senior English Language Fellow, Erik Lundell will offer participants a glimpse of this enchanting region of the […]

T2T Workshops with Eric Lundell at AMC

Published on 02.04.2014 By Olga Boltneva

 Making the Most of Your Textbooks (April 9) In this ninety minute workshop the attendees will discuss how teachers can use textbooks by omitting, supplementing, and adapting.  The presenter will demonstrate a variety of techniques that exemplify these strategies for enhancing grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and other language skills instruction.  The aim is to provide language teachers with ideas […]

March T2T Events on March 5 and 19, 2014 with Erik Lundell

Published on 20.02.2014 By Olga Boltneva

Integrating Language Skills (March 5, 2014) After outlining the primary and sub-skills of communication and the benefits of integrating such skills in language instruction, the presenter will demonstrate mini-lessons allowing participants to experience such practices and come away with new and practical ideas for optimal teaching and learning. Multiple Intelligences (March 19, 2014) The presenter will […]

Erik Lundell at T2T on 5 Feb 2014 about Teaching Grammar

Published on 20.02.2014 By Olga Boltneva

Erik Lundell successfully presented grammar activities from controlled, through semi-controlled to open ended ones.

T2T at AMC with Erik Lundell, February 5 and 12, 2014

Published on 24.01.2014 By Olga Boltneva

Teaching Grammar from Controlled to Open-ended Practice (Wednesday, February 5) The presenter will demonstrate how grammar teaching can extend from very controlled practice where accuracy is emphasized to more open-ended practice where the focus is on fluency. At 16:30 at the American Centre, Foreign Languages Library Teaching Vocabulary (Wednesday, February 12 ) In this workshop, attendees […]

T-2-T on December 18, 2013 at AMC

Published on 15.12.2013 By Olga Boltneva

December 18, 2013, 16:30 — 18:30 at the American Center Senior English Language Fellow, Erik Lundell runs a T2T workshop on Teaching Listening. The Fellow will begin by briefly discussing principles to consider when developing a listening task. This will be followed by several teaching demonstrations in which participants will experience ways in which a listening lesson […]

«Writing for creative expression» , November 27 2013

Published on 30.11.2013 By Olga Boltneva

The workshop «Writing for creative expression» , conducted on November 27 by Erik Lundell, got a very good feedback. The turnout was 25 people. The teacher  engaged the audience in various creative activities and they were enthusiastic about them. Consultant: Tatiyana Kobzina

“TEACHERS–TO-TEACHERS” 20, 27 November, 2013 at AMC

Published on 10.11.2013 By Olga Boltneva

DON’T MISS MELTA SUPPORTED  “TEACHERS–TO-TEACHERS” SEMINARS 2013—2014 WITH Senior EL Fellow Erik Lundell  JOIN! GET YOUR MELTA MEMBERSHIP CARD 2013—2014 NOW! CERTIFICATES OF ATTENDANCE – AT THE FINAL SEMINAR IN SPRING 2014! Wednesday, November 20 (American Centre at the All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature 4:30 – 6pm, metro Taganskaya, ul. Nikoloyamskaya,1) Please, take your […]