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T2T Workshops with Eric Lundell at AMC

Published on 02.04.2014 By Olga Boltneva

 Making the Most of Your Textbooks (April 9) In this ninety minute workshop the attendees will discuss how teachers can use textbooks by omitting, supplementing, and adapting.  The presenter will demonstrate a variety of techniques that exemplify these strategies for enhancing grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and other language skills instruction.  The aim is to provide language teachers with ideas […]

March T2T Events on March 5 and 19, 2014 with Erik Lundell

Published on 20.02.2014 By Olga Boltneva

Integrating Language Skills (March 5, 2014) After outlining the primary and sub-skills of communication and the benefits of integrating such skills in language instruction, the presenter will demonstrate mini-lessons allowing participants to experience such practices and come away with new and practical ideas for optimal teaching and learning. Multiple Intelligences (March 19, 2014) The presenter will […]

Erik Lundell at T2T on 5 Feb 2014 about Teaching Grammar

Published on 20.02.2014 By Olga Boltneva

Erik Lundell successfully presented grammar activities from controlled, through semi-controlled to open ended ones.