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English Language Evenings March 13, 2015

Published on 04.03.2015 By Olga Boltneva

Luc Jones, Commercial Director of Antal Russia* challenges you — take the test and prove your knowledge about Russia! Prizes for the brightest and best! This event may take place either in the meeting hall of the Chekhov Cultural Center, or the «reading room» of the Chekhov Library. The final location will be announced later. _________________________________ […]

ELE on October 3, 2014

Published on 30.09.2014 By Olga Boltneva

On October 3, 2014 ELE will host a lecture titled: «Custine and Co: Foreign Writers in Russia through the Ages»  by Jennifer Eremeeva, author, blogger, Russian historian, humor columnist, photographer and food writer. (cf.http://www.moscovore.com/jennifer-eremeeva/) 19:00 in the Reading Room of the Chekhov Library, Strastnoi Bulvar 8. 100 rubles http://www.ELEMoscow.net English Language Evenings can also be found, and joined, on Facebook.

ELE: Why Russians Don't Smile. May 30

Published on 26.05.2014 By Olga Boltneva

Lecture by Luc Jones at ELE on May 30 at 19:00 British-born Luc Jones first came to Russia in the early '90s to study. He later worked in Moscow, then Poland before returning to Moscow in 2002 to work with Antal Russia where he is now a partner. He has traveled to over 100 countries, […]

ELE Moscow: Australian David Wansbrough and Russian Nicholai Drozdov

Published on 15.04.2014 By Olga Boltneva

On Friday April 18, 2014 ELE will host a talk titled: «Russian Australia’s Strange Geography, Weird Animals, and Strange, Weird People» By Australian Artist David Wansbrough and Russian Naturalist Nicholai Drozdov 19:00 Chekhov Cultural Center, Strastnoi Bulvar 6, Moscow. 100 rubles www.ELEMoscow.net

ELE on Jan17 «...and all the men and women merely players...»

Published on 13.01.2014 By Olga Boltneva

“An Actor's Life in Russia, the UK and the US” is the title of a lecture on January 17 by Brit Jonathan Bex. Jonathan is the co-founding director of the new Moscow English Theatre (moscowenglishtheatre.com). He has been an actor since 1985, playing in over 50 productions in the UK, Ireland, America, Italy, Germany, the […]

ELE Moscow: West vs East?

Published on 25.11.2013 By Olga Boltneva

On November 29, 2013, ELE will host a talk titled: «West vs. East: Did the Cold War End, and What Is the Next Step?» By Brit Liam McGrath, English Language teacher; former host of Радио Стрим London, now presenter Comedy Radio Moscow; Student of Russian Studies at Sheffield University, UK. 19:00 Chekhov Cultural Center, Strastnoi […]

ELE on November 15, 2013

Published on 13.11.2013 By Olga Boltneva

On November 15, 2013 ELE will host a talk by Thabang Motsei, from the Republic of South Africa, now a News Anchor in Moscow for Russia Today television (RT.com). This is an unusual opportunity, so consider well before you miss it. Come hear her talk: «Not Your Average Girl: My Journey to Moscow» For more […]