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Channel «ProEnglish. ПроАнглийский». Yudif Boyarskaya, English teacher at Moscow school 814

Published on 21.09.2022 By Olga Boltneva

Channel «ProEnglish. ПроАнглийский»  https://dzen.ru/id/6302094d453ea516d43928e0 For those who are interested in the culture of English-speaking countries, or are preparing for the English Olympiads. Call for subscriptions! You're welcome to subscribe Its creator: Yudif Boyarskaya, English teacher at Moscow school 814, author of manuals and long-term author of the magazine “English” (Publishing House “The First September”), member […]

Why Storytelling in the Classroom Matters

Published on 17.07.2014 By Olga Boltneva

What is «storytelling»? Telling stories, of course! In 2014, there are so many diverse, wonderful, and sometimes overwhelming ways to do this. What I want to explore is traditional, oral storytelling, which has been a part of human life since we first left Africa 200,000 or more years ago. Perhaps storytelling was the reason language […]