Poetry Festival and Storytelling Festival 2013 are not my first competitions of this kind. I have participated in five festivals so far. And it has always been a great fun to prepare and then perform.

How do I prepare? First of all, it is important to choose a story that you really like, a story that is close to your interests or hobbies. As for me, I am interested in History and Biology.  I can make up a story about animals and plants or tell about some historical facts. I like ancient mythology.

Then, I become an actor and a director of my own story and try to act out the dialogues. I deliver my first attempts to my mum, teacher or a gentle friend. They are truthful and usually tell me whether the story is interesting or not. After that, I deliver the story in the classroom during my English lesson. It is a kind of practicing before the festival.

Finally, I think about some gestures that I will use during my performance. It is essential to use as natural gestures as possible. Still, I think about them in advance. Otherwise, I don’t know what to do with my hands.

To tell the truth, the most difficult thing in storytelling for me is not to be nervous and keep eye contact with the audience. It’s a challenge but I work on it.

By Ivan Mulenkov

7-grade student, School 1738



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