«Keep true to the dreams» by Kseniya Meteleva

wisdom“Keep true to the dreams of the youth” , –

Tells us the old German poet.

“By heart we know the truth” , —

Pascal was carrying on in his poem.

Though time heals all wounds,

It’s never too late to mend

And stop giving promises all around.

Those, who cannot remember the past

Are condemned to repeat  it at last,

Cause age is a matter of feeling, not years.

But how could we say “Goodbye”

To the wisdom, that passes by?

The old rubs shoulders with the new –

That’s the main thing…

Oh, if our ancestors only knew,

That the leopard cannot change his spots,

And what is bred in the bone

Will come out through the stone.

Every king springs from a race of slaves,

And some men by ancestry are only

The shadows of a mighty name…

If people pay attention to the parents’ wit,

The wisdom will be lasting till the world comes weird…

Ksenia Meteleva

Grade 8

School 1208



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