«My dear, have you ever seen...» by Dariya Malikova

Шпили стар города

My dear, have you ever seen

Just when the sun is setting down,

The roofs of old and tired town

Become all red and then serene?


This is a thing I want to tell.

I saw how purple beams were fleeting

On glossy heads of noisy City

And dainty ancient roofs as well.


It is fantastic, isn`t it,

That years ago, when world was younger,

With much the same, as mine is, wonder

Some lord was walking down the street?


He marveled at the grand museums,

At spires, which narrow reddish skies,

And now they`re before my eyes,

Just watching all the passing years.


I thought: why are they here still?

Why don`t we, who are so destroying,

Find fossil ones, like this, annoying,

Depriving them of their free will?


But I might be not alone and bold?

Just here, watching evening fading

And thinking, that it is amazing –

‘The new rubs shoulders with the old’.


Dariya Malikova,

School 1208, Grade 10




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