«The Kremlin» by Margarita Obukhova

Зарайский КремльThe Kremlin

There are a lot of towns and cities

In our country, large and vast.

Some towns are small, but very ancient

With glorious and greatest past.


Perhaps, you haven't ever been to

Zaraysk, a little pretty town.

It is about nine hundred years,

But, which is strange, is not well-known.


Nevertheless, I want to tell you

About its most important sight:

The Kremlin, also very ancient,

The town's embellishment and pride.


Surrounded by modern buildings

And asphalt roads with noisy cars,

It stands over the town, sublimely

In light of sun, in light of stars...


It saw so many different people,

Who farmed or fought, obeyed, rebelled...

And fierce attacks of hostile armies

Were from its walls not once repelled.


It overlived all times and ages.

Each brick respires with olden time.

Like staid old warrior, defender

It looks at us, who live in prime.


Its mighty walls and lofty towers

Are memory from ancient days

Of our history and culture,

Of our triumph and success.


Of course, we're used to see it always,

But just imagine in my way,

How old it is and how tremendous,

And it will take your breath away.


How it is wonderful to know it

That after many years passed

We have a chance to see this wonder,

The voice, the message from the past!

By Margarita Obukhova,

School 1245


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