«The Old Rubs Shoulders With The New» by Anna Sokolova

Соколова АннаThe old rubs shoulders with the new.

Just give a glance to what's around

And you will see that every view

Is complicated, mixed and bound.



Look at the buildings which are old,

Which stand and look at people's life

Like titans look at mortals. Cold

And huge are icebergs, sharp like knife.


Abyss of water, black and deep,

Is all around, nothing moves.

Eternity which can't be seen

Is thick and rich like fog in moors.


But here's another picture – pace

Is like a vivid lively stream.

And every little forest trace

If full of life, just like in dreams.


A city's full of hurrying men

Where silence has no place to be

And noise of cars is music when

The rhythm is beaten by the street.


Look at this crazy magic world!

You know I can say it to you

And I believe in every word:

The old rubs shoulders with the new....


   by Anna Sokolova,

Moscow International Gymnasia, 10“A”

January 2013


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