«ZODIAC» by Fyodor Filin


I look down when I watch my footstep;

I need to be cautious despite all my pep,

Calculate the chances and possible mishaps.

There can be ill-wishers springing their traps.

But ancient man raised head and watched the skies.

He watched the stars, the sun and planets’ size.

Thanks to astrology I have my zodiac sign,

Can make some fun of it or trust it and divine.

Across the heavens through the constellations –

Greek myths, twelve animals – I find relations.

To seek guidance in zodiac is good for fortune-sellers;

I simply wrote twelve lines of verse like old tale-tellers.


Aries reminded me of the glorious Golden Ram’s deeds,

Taurus carried Europa to meet Zeus’s romantic needs.

Gemini were placed high to honor Castor and Pollux’s death,

Cancer tried to wipe Heracles from the face of the earth.

Virgo was the goddess of moral values and purity,

Leo was killed by Heracles at the peak of his maturity.

Libra were gods’ scales to measure the balance of justice,

Scorpio stung Orion to stop Apollo’s jealous practice.

Sagittarius was centaur Cheiron, Greek heroes’ friend,

Capricorn was godlike goat sent to feed Zeus and defend.

Aquarius created a new race after the flood of pouring waters,

Pisces were Eros and Aphrodite transformed into floaters.

By Fyodor Filin, Year 8, School 1738



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