«A Tale Of Two Friends» by Denis Jalan

Подготовка к экзаменуA TALE OF TWO FRIENDS

Once upon a time, there were two friends. Their names were Alan and Charlie. Charlie had a good fortune and did not have to do much in life to be happy.  Alan did not have too much luck, but he always studied very hard, even at weekends.

Charlie was so lucky that even when he had exams and did not study, schools would close because of snow. Then Charlie would go home and study in the last minute to pass the exam. Alan always studied very hard and was always ready for the exams on time. Charlie was also fortunate because he had a rich family, who gave him everything he wanted. Alan’s family was not that rich but they supported Alan in getting good education.

When Alan and Charlie finished school, Alan entered a good university because he studied so hard in school. Charlie’s fortune helped him again and he won a lottery and got rich. He was making parties and dancing with his friends in night clubs. Alan was studying very hard at the university and finished the university with the best grades. Alan’s parents were proud of him. He became a very good economist and found a very good job in one of the best companies.

Suddenly, Charlie lost his good fortune. He won no more lotteries and his family had only enough money to survive.  Since Charlie didn’t finish the university, he could not find a good job. Alan became a successful businessman and his family got rich and happy. Charlie got very poor.  He had to sell his big house and his party friends disappeared.  He lived with the help of his old friend, Alan, who gave him a job.

The moral of this tale is that you should never count on luck. Luck can be with you today but it can leave you tomorrow. You should create your own fate yourself. Fortune does not come every time, but hard work always brings success.

2 место —  Джейлан Денис,

4 класс,  «СААШ «Марина»



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