«Blobfish Fairy Tales» by Veronika Kazak


Once there lived a Blobfish deep in the Atlantic Ocean. She happened to be terribly ugly. In her childhood, nobody wanted to play with her. But her great-aunt Barracuda Agnes used to say:  “It doesn’t matter how you look, if you are honest, clever and you have a kind heart”.

The years passed. The Blobfish studied diligently, helped relatives and never said “no” if anybody asked for help. Gradually the Blobfish got so many friends that nobody paid attention to her appearance anymore. All the sea creatures came to her for advice and help in the most difficult situations.

One sunny day a crab called Tommy sailed to the Blobfish. “I walked along the beach and suddenly saw a shoal of small shrimps that got in trouble. They got lost and could not find their way home to the depth of the sea", said the crab. “Shrimps could die, but I saved them. Those shrimps were so helpless and there were so many dangers around. Shrimps can easily die if there isn’t a sea creature nearby who takes care of them. What can I do? Life is so cruel! But I can't change it. I'm too small and too weak. I can't change the world! It makes me unhappy!” he added.

“You should not try to change the world. Take one of the shrimps to your home. Take care of her. Play with her. Teach her. You can't save all the shrimps. Your home is too small for this. But you can change the fate of the shrimp that you take. If all other crabs do the same, the world will change. You can't change the world alone. But together we can do it,” said the Blobfish.

The water glittered in the sun. Seaweeds floated peacefully. Crab Tommy and his shrimp Dustin were swinging happily in a beautiful shell.

So what is the moral of the story? It’s not important what you were born, but what you have become. When we are together, we can do a lot. Even change the world. Start from small things. Never be afraid. Do not stop.

2 место —  Казак Вероника,

4 класс,  «СААШ «Марина»



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