Storytelling 2014 3rd Prize winners Alla Savetskaya, Grade 3 and Ekaterina Brusnitsyna, Grade 4

весёлый снеговикA LUCKY SNOWMAN

Last Christmas the snow was falling on the ground so soft and white. Children made a beautiful snowman. Its eyes were made from black round buttons and its nose was made from a carrot. There was a nice red scarf all around its neck. It was wearing an old grandpa’s hat.

At midnight there happened a miracle… the snowman came to life. And the next morning it played with the children. They skated and had a snowball fight. The children and the snowman loved each other.

Suddenly one of the girls said: “It’s a pity that the spring is coming and our snowman will melt and become a running stream”. But one of the boys said: “Wait, no, it won’t. I’ve got an idea. I know what to do. We’ll take our snowman to the ice cream factory. It is always cold there even in the summer”.

I’m glad to tell you that our snowman still works at the factory and makes the most delicious ice cream in our city. All children know it. We promised to make a snowwoman for him next winter, so that he wouldn’t feel lonely. I’m sure he will be the happiest snowman in the world.

Oh, well… I think that our fortune is in our hands. Don’t you?

3 место —  Савецкая Алла,

3 класс,  ГБОУ школа-интернат № 16


родители и детиFORTUNE AND FATE

We, people, believe in our fortune and fate. Fortune is a chance, luck, success. But fate is something that is certain to happen. And it cannot be a luck and success. So when schoolchildren get a high mark they say that their fortune is good and successful. Many boys and girls think that a bad mark is their fate and it is not necessary to work hard and learn lessons every day. What is the purpose to do it if it is impossible to change one’s fate, they think sometimes.

A lazy person considers that only a lucky man has a fortune, and he forgets that a lucky man did, does and will try and work very hard practically every day. But I am sure that it is not so difficult to change one's fate. Just put a very ambitious goal before you, and step by step go towards it. On this way you can learn and benefit from the experience of some famous people who have already achieved very ambitious goals. You should take into consideration not only positive but negative experience of these people as well. You should find out why a man is doomed to this or that fate. And you should try not to make the same mistakes. Other people's experience can teach a lot of things. It is very important to be thankful to any person who helps and teaches you. For most young people the most important teachers are their father and mother, and of course school teachers. Only they help overcome all mishaps and make good fortune become fate.

3 место —   Брусницына Екатерина,

4 класс, ГБОУ ЦО № 1296



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