«A Distant But Yet Such A Near Dream» by Anna Alieva 1st Prize winner 2014, 4th grade, “Marina” School

Smile-1A Distant But Yet Such A Near Dream

            We grow while we are dreaming and our dreams grow with us. Some of them come true and others stay just dreams. When we become adults, we often continue dreaming just like in our childhood. I think it’s wonderful, because children's dreams are the most beautiful!!!

Once upon a time in the future on some planet there lived a Girl. A usual, cheerful, healthy Girl, who loved many such usual things like all teens around. But she did not have a specific interest.

One day in the library the Girl all of a sudden tumbled upon an early manuscript. It was written in a very strange and unknown language of some far planet called Earth but the Girl was interested so she started to translate it. She did it! The manuscript told how to change your Fate. And then the Girl started thinking about what she was living for.

And she set a goal to herself to find or to create such language that all beings in the Universe could easily communicate with. At her school there were children from different planets. And they spoke different languages and sometimes couldn't understand each other. Cherishing her dream, the Girl studied many languages that her friends, teachers and the whole neighbourhood spoke. She drew a parallel between them, read foreign books and went around.

...This Girl is still growing and will have a great future, and she will make her Dream come true. And she perceived that all beings can understand each other, if they use the language of Peace, Kindness and Love.

Try it too, please! Smile, and then every creature will understand you!

And more: do believe in your dreams, and some day they will come true. But dreaming is not all you have to do for it. You need to do something that will really help, you have to reach for  your dream and make it come closer and closer until one day your Dream will meet you!

By Anna Alieva 1st Prize winner,

 4th grade, “Marina” School



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